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Real Estate Photographer

360 Virtual Tours to Level Up Your Real Estate Game

Virtual reality is not just for gaming anymore. It is being utilized in all fields to teach, build businesses, sell products, and more. The ability to interact with something prior to purchase can quickly and easily peak one’s interest.

Real estate is only one of the fields that virtual reality is becoming popular- and for good reason. Allowing a home buyer a realistic sneak peek into a home without ever stepping foot on the property is a great way to interest serious buyers and weed out the disinterested parties.

Serious Leads

It is said that about one-fourth of home buyers know within the first five minutes whether they would go in farther in the buying process with a home. If the property is available for a virtual tour, viewers can typically decide before ever seeing the house in person if they really want it or at least have an actual interest in it.

This leads to more serious leads for you as there are fewer buyers just browsing. By the time they book an appointment with you, there is a much higher chance of an offer being made.

Builds Website

With everything being digital, a business’s website is an essential aspect for success. When you provide virtual tours, your website traffic will typically increase. More traffic promotes higher search engine rankings, which can help build your brand and your business. This can help you not only attract local home buyers but even those from around the world looking to move to your area.

Competitive Edge

Though 360 virtual tours are becoming more popular, using them will still give you a competitive edge over real estate agents that do not. And when you use a professional real estate photographer to assist with your tours, you gain an even greater advantage.

Working with a professional real estate photographer is the best way to make your 360 virtual tours shine. Contact MBB Images to book your session online today.

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