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Trying Something New

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

I have never been one for writing, I truly stink at texting and my friends would agree, for they have to de sphere my terrible texts. Thankfully though this has spellcheck, so I figured why not! It won't be anything dynamic just thoughts and processes of how I created my photos, gear I used, oh yes and of course every time I screw up or what I think of my photos.

I want to encourage, make you the reader aware and hopefully what not to do, but also have a fun way to reach out and inspire you all to create. I think I may have several topics on my Blog and will strive to keep from jumping to much. I think I am a rabbit at times, and trail so i apologize now and warn you.

Photographed at Sunset in Willis, Tx
Sunset in Willis, Tx

Themes I want to Blog about

"Explore your World- Houston & Surrounding Area"

I enjoy photographing everywhere, as I do, I post where I was and what I think, also I will invite where I will be at next, if you come we can explore together.

Taken while a friend and I shoot this place for an Air B&B gorgeous country Home,  wonderful and inviting
Adventures In - The Garret House

"Adventures In..."-

Anytime I go someplace, like a meet up or a Photo shoot out, and even places that I have been, I will do quick write ups and short stories about. I enjoy creating mini adventures and may even tell you how I truly felt, or I may make it into an advertise theme.

My current project, up date and up grade my website.
Relax & enjoy

"My current Projects"-

Easy to explain, just what I am working on, how I took it; including setup and lighting equipment, my thought process, gear I used, and everything about it, then of course my processing.

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