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Drone Photography

4 Benefits of Drone Photography in Real Estate

Have you been considering using drone photography but wondering if it’s worth your time? Here are four benefits that can help you decide:

Better Overall View

Photography is key to attracting home buyers. With all of the improvements in technology, though, standard photographs and even aerial photography with old school methods simply will not cut it anymore. Drone photography and drone videography, on the other hand, fit in with current market trends and provide a better view of the entire property.

Good Idea of Size

Drone videography and photography provide the home buyer with a much clearer idea of the size of the property. This is beneficial as standard photographs do not always show well the size of a yard or other important features that could attract the right buyer.

For instance, a family who has children or pets will probably look for a property with a yard to give them space to run and play. Another home buyer may have plans to put in a pool on the property.

With drone photography, these buyers can see whether the yard is large enough for their desires. If it is not, they can move on without spending unnecessary time on a house that does not suit their needs.

Shows Proximity

One thing home buyers are very interested in when looking for their dream home is exactly what’s around it. They want to know how close their neighbors are. Some enjoy having close neighbors while others want space.

The condition of the entire neighborhood is also important, including whether there are any conveniences nearby, such as convenience stores, local markets, and so on. Aerial photography provided by drones lets the homebuyer discover these things prior to making an appointment with you.

Improves Sales

Thanks to the incredible view provided by drone photography, real estate agents can expect to sell homes faster and for a better price. When serious buyers see your photos and decide they are interested, they will want to move on it quickly. And, typically, buyers with a high interest in the home will offer much higher prices than those who are just shopping around.

Contact MBB Images today to learn how drone photography can improve your real estate sales process and customer experience.

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