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Commercial Photography

Using Commercial Photography to Build Your Business

Commercial photography is an excellent tool when a business is looking to promote a brand, a lifestyle, a product, or a service. The end goal is for the consumer to engage with your business or to make a purchase.

Using photography to do this is basically about creating a visual of how a product might change or impact a person’s life in order to make that person want it. It creates a hunger to experience what they are seeing.

For instance, a restaurant uses commercial photography to entice viewers to come taste their delicious offerings. Or a freelance photographer who also teaches classes on photography will use it to show potential students the lifestyle and freedom they can experience from being their own boss.

There are several types of commercial photography available for businesses to use, such as the following:

Headshots and Portraits

Many have headshots and portraits taken for their websites and other marketing materials, especially when they are trying to sell a service they provide. However, they can be used for many other things, as well, including attracting job applicants.

Environmental or Workplace

Businesses use the workplace environment in marketing for several reasons, most of which revolve around building the brand, making sales, and attracting applicants.

Real Estate and Architecture Photography

These photographs are typically used to either sell a property or sell the services of the architect or designer responsible for that property.

Product Photography

When a company sells a specific product, such as a car, product photography focuses on capturing that car in the most effective way to attract the target market.

There are several other types of commercial photography available through a freelance photographer, and the ones you need will depend on the business and purpose of the photography. For help with your commercial photography strategy, contact MBB Images today.

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